A Guide to Pistol Tier List in Valorant

Pistol rounds in Valorant are a test of pure skill and resourcefulness. With limited Creds, choosing the right sidearm can make all the difference in securing a crucial first-round victory or forcing a successful eco-round.

And now, with this wide array of pistols, how can one determine which is the best among them? We will analyze every Valorant pistol’s advantages and disadvantages, arranging them in order from cost-effective choices to risky but potentially high-return options.

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Tier 1: The All-Rounders

A Guide to Pistol Tier List in Valorant

These Valorant pistols offer a balance between affordability, damage output, and firing mechanics, making them excellent choices for players of all skill levels.

  • Classic (0 Creds): The OG of sidearms, the Classic is a free, semi-automatic pistol with a burst-fire mode. While its damage falls off at long range, mastering its recoil control and burst-fire timing allows for surprising one-taps and efficient close-quarters combat.
  • Frenzy (200 Creds): A full-auto powerhouse for aggressive playstyles. The Frenzy boasts a high fire rate and respectable damage, making it a shred machine in close-quarters encounters. However, its low accuracy suffers at longer distances.
  • Ghost (500 Creds): This Valorant pistol is a mix between being inexpensive and having accuracy. It can shoot very accurately, which makes it useful for long to medium-range kills. The Valorant Ghost is good for players who have a good aim and like a balanced playing style.

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Tier 2: The Specialists

This pistol Valorant caters to specific playstyles and requires a higher skill ceiling to master.

  • Sheriff (800 Creds): This high-risk, high-reward revolver offers the potential for one-shot headshots at any range. Mastering the Sheriff’s slow firing rate and significant recoil rewards skilled players with immense stopping power. However, missing your shots can leave you vulnerable.

Tier 3: The Situational Choice

This Valorant pistol is powerful but requires specific situations or playstyles to truly shine.

  • Shorty (150 Creds): The ultimate budget option, the Shorty is a pump-action shotgun with devastating close-range damage. However, its limited range and double-shot nature make it a niche pick best suited for tight corners and unexpected close encounters in pistol rounds.

Choosing Your Valorant Pistol

There’s no single “best” pistol in Valorant. It all depends on your individual playstyle, map layout, and personal preference.

  • Aggression: If you favor aggressive pushes, the Frenzy, Ghost, or Classic might suit you best.
  • Precision: For players who prefer controlled bursts and headshots, the Ghost, or Sheriff are ideal.
  • Economy: In tight Cred situations, the Classic or Shorty are budget-friendly options.
  • Map Design: Maps with tight corners favor shotguns like the Shorty while larger maps benefit from mid-range options like the Ghost or Sheriff.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with each Valorant pistol in the Practice Range to identify the one you feel most comfortable with.


By understanding Valorant pistol strengths, and weaknesses, and adapting your choice to the situation, you’ll be well on your way to dominating those crucial first rounds, securing Cred advantages, and ultimately, leading your team to victory!