The White Truffle Strain: An Incredible Blend of Taste and Potency

What if you had frosty nugs and, with each puff, it landed you in a euphoric wonderland? Well, this is what you get with the iconic White Truffle strain. Perhaps, one of the most loved hybrids with tons of awards and accolades to its name. Thanks to its great flavor and nice dense White Truffle strain, this has been a bestseller across dispensaries and online platforms. A rich heritage, coupled with such high demand, makes this strain high on our wishlist. If you too have marked this strain at the top of your wishlist, we have compiled an ultimate guide to help you make the right choice. From the genetics, potency, and flavor profile of this strain, along with a few quirky titbits, we have listed everything to help you decide if this is the right strain for you. Let’s get started with the basics of this wonderful hybrid. 

White Truffle: History of the strain

The strain found its root when leading breeders from Fresh Coast Genetics decided to cross two legendary strains. Drawing lineage from the Gorilla Butter and the Peanut Breath strains, the White Truffle soon took off among enthusiasts. Plus, this unique combination of parents also made sure that the strain took on an absolute flavor profile and overwhelming potency (more on that in the later sections.) 

About the parents 

  • Gorilla Butter: One of the all-time hit strains, Gorilla Butter is a consistent strain on shelves. Offering around 23 percent potency per batch, the Gorilla Butter is a cross of the Gorilla Glue and the Peanut Butter strains. This combination lent Gorilla Butter a nutty and sweet flavor profile that is well complimented by the earthy aftertaste.
  • Peanut Butter Breath: The lovechild of the Mendo Breath and the Do Si Dos strains, the Peanut Butter strain is a very popular Indica dominant hybrid. The strain has an iconic flavor profile to complement its high potency. Each puff will fill the senses with a strong herbal and nutty flavor with an earthy undertone. The aftertaste can be quite creamy, much reminiscent of peanut butter. 

White Truffle: Nugs

The nugs are as iconic as the strain itself. DIsnigushable, thick buds make up the bulk. The nugs are characterized by their deep and dark hue of olive green. Deep purple undertones in their appearance make these flowers a joy to see. The fluffy nugs are also layered with thick orange hairs and white crystal trichomes. The white trichomes make the nugs look like they have a frosty layer with a slight purple tinge.

White Truffle: Flavors

Cracking the pack open is sure to fill your room with a unique aroma that will feel sweet and earthy. Light up a joint and with every puff, enjoy the buttery flavor profile of the strain. This has quite the complex flavors that should remind you of a nutty and skunky taste. This taste is underlined by an earthy tone. Exhales should leave behind a very sweet, vanilla-like aftertaste that should linger as long as the effects last. You can all thank the terpenes in the strain for the brilliant flavor profile. Here is a quick rundown of the major terpenes in the hybrid.

  • Limonene: Also found in citric fruits and other plants, limonene is the terpene that adds a tangy taste to the strain. Responsible for the strain’s citric tones.
  • Caryophyllene: Found in plants like cloves and black pepper, this is the terpene known to offer the strain with its spicy and earthy tones. 
  • Humulene: Also, found in several plants, the presence of this terpene in the strain offers it with a more herbal taste.

White Truffle: Potency

This hybrid is no slouch when it comes to potency. With over 28 percent potency (depending on the breeder), this strain ranks in the list of the most potent strains. The combination of legendary parents has helped the White Truffle strain inherit potent genetics. When smoking, the effects are activated instantly, which can overwhelm the senses with a relaxed and aroused feeling. Many users have described the high as a quick hit that offers them great mental clarity. Something that will leave you in a relaxing trance. This is a wonderful nighttime strain, which makes it great for use before bedtime.

In higher amounts or for new users, the high potency means that there can be side effects. Overconsumption of the strain can lead to dizziness, and headaches and even make you anxious. In such cases, it is wise to stay calm and let the effects wear off.

White Truffle Strain: A great strain for recreational users

There is a reason why the White Truffle has been such a critical hit among recreational users. The super satisfying taste and the after effects have made this quite an attractive proposition. Many users have noted that consuming this strain has helped them get rid of any mental fog, which in turn has helped improve focus. Thus, they note that this can be a great strain for those with a creative block. Also, some have noted that consuming this strain has considerably helped them improve their mood after a hectic day at work. 

Overall, these great effects, combined with the high potency kick and delectable flavors, have made the White Truffle strain an extremely attractive option for new users.

If you are in the market for a top strain that has THC potency off the charts, the White Truffle strain is going to be the best pick for you. Couple that with the fact that this strain tastes awesome and activates instantly when smoked, which adds to the appeal of this lovely hybrid. Choose from the best growers to get the highest potency. 

Let every puff of this delightful strain fill your senses with a calming feeling that culminates in a wonderful ride of euphoria. Get your hands on some delicious White Truffle flowers today and experience euphoric bliss.